The Anahola Board Co. "Traveller" Premium Portable Lithium Battery Powered SUP Inflator. Take it with you wherever you go!


The most innovative SUP pump today .

•110v AC charging mode

•12 DC power

•Integrated 2500 mAh x 3 lithium battery pack. Specially designed for SUP boards with the flexibility to fill air mattresses , water toys, inflatable boats and more. This is the ideal travel companion for all of your watersports activities.

•Can be programmed to automatically shut off at 12/16/20 PSI to avoid overfilling

•70L per minute capacity Lithium Battery powered SUP Inflator

•Includes: "Traveller" pump, carrying case , DC adapter , AC charging cord, 5 different interchangeable adapter nozzles including : Halkey Roberts style designed to fit most inflatables in the market, Naru style, and Bravo. Pointed inflator nozzle for water toys and high volume wide nozzle for air mattresses.

The "Traveller" Premium Lithium Battery Powered SUP Inflator

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